Gem Tower Defense

High Scores

Scores are calculated with the following equation: Total Score = Difficulty x Level Score + Time Score
Note, harder difficulties result in a greater high score

Survival | Extreme | Hard | Normal | Easy
NameTotal ScoreLevelDifficultyLevel ScoreTime ScoreTime (sec)
I work so Democrats Dont Have To55159341Extreme (x8)689212251227
ezgg55153241Extreme (x8)689211641686
darylndy1355151341Extreme (x8)689211451903
jj55149341Extreme (x8)689211252197
jb55149241Extreme (x8)689211242219
I tried55149041Extreme (x8)689211222266
Dancyn55147241Extreme (x8)689211042663
ass55146741Extreme (x8)68921992775
jb43906038Extreme (x8)54872842736