Gem Tower Defense

High Scores

Scores are calculated with the following equation: Total Score = Difficulty x Level Score + Time Score
Note, harder difficulties result in a greater high score

Survival | Extreme | Hard | Normal | Easy
NameTotal ScoreLevelDifficultyLevel ScoreTime ScoreTime (sec)
hi6898141Easy (x1)6892160578
hi6897741Easy (x1)6892156617
jb6895741Easy (x1)6892136965
ajb6895141Easy (x1)68921301160
ajb6894841Easy (x1)68921271290
Wi2346894841Easy (x1)68921271298
ShmikeEasy6894241Easy (x1)68921211619
Jonah6893941Easy (x1)68921181903
Dancyn6893841Easy (x1)68921172027
mik6893541Easy (x1)68921142388
AetheroX6893141Easy (x1)68921103420
maatkare5933139Easy (x1)59319122553
Africa4289035Easy (x1)42875151532
Peter00Easy (x1)00130